Vip Protection Los AngelesThere may come a time when you sense a need for VIP protection Los Angeles. That’s why we’re in business. We are Bodyguards Executive Protections, and we have been providing world class close protection to Los Angeles residents and visitors for more than thirty consecutive years. We would not still be in business if we didn’t provide excellent and reliable protection.

Of course, celebrities and entertainment personalities comprise a good portion of our esteemed clientele. But we will provide VIP protection Los Angeles to anyone with the good sense and wherewithal to hire our close protection services. We do more than just stay close and alert. We don’t want to divulge our security secrets online, but we will tell you that Bodyguards Executive Protections provides proactive security. We never just wait around for something bad to happen in the vicinity of our client. We do our research, so we are well aware of stalkers and other persons who should be kept away from those VIPs to whom we provide protection.

If you will be in Los Angeles and require VIP protection, Los Angeles-based Bodyguards Executive Protections will be ready when you get here. Call us at 1.800.654.7797 and advise us of your arrival time and location. Many of our protection professionals are quite good at other things, so if you want a bodyguard who can also act as chauffeur, nanny, personal assistant, executive chef or other assistant, let us know. No other protection service in the area can provide the top notch VIP protection in Los Angeles that we can. We provide close protection security to celebrities, executive officers, visiting dignitaries and other notables. We can protect you or we can provide security for your whole family.If you are already in LA, give our Beverly Hills office a jingle at 310.859.2700.