Surveying Company

A surveying company can provide several different types of services.
We offer construction, engineering, and aerial mapping as well as GIS. We are
a full-service company and have an excellent reputation in our area.
In addition, we also have in house drone mapping services available and can also

work with water features like rivers and lakes.

Construction Survey

A construction survey is conducted by a land surveyor that specializes
in construction to determine where man-made objects will be built.
This can include but is not limited to:

·         Bridges

·         Highways

·         Pipes

·         Large sites with several functions

·         Utilities

·         Single family dwellings

·         Multifamily dwellings

Engineering Survey

Engineering surveying is a broad term that refers to several elements
of a building site, but can also include water features of oceans, lakes, and
rivers.  These types of surveys also encompass topographical features

 pointing out the high and low points of a plot. A good engineering
survey will cover every feature in your above and below to make sure
your project is on sound footing. Once the engineering survey is
complete the surveyor will present the as-built documentation. This
documentation might be on a drawing, spreadsheet or a combination of
both, depending on the project.

Drone Mapping Services

Using an aerial mapping drone, we can create precise 3-D topographical
maps While utilizing these services, we can help you assess landscaping

 and environmental aspects of your project from a completely different


Using the latest UAV technology for agricultural purposes has become
the largest recipient that is non-military. We at Okanagan Survey &
Design LTD are the only company in the Ontario area to offer both
fixed wing UAVs and multirotor VTOL as a surveying company.

What is GIS?

GIS stands for geographic information system and is rooted in the
science of geography as it gathers, manages and analyzes many
different types of data. It creates a 3-D maps and scenes.

Picking a Surveying Company


·          How is our reputation? Ask around. Check out other jobs we
have done. We have a portfolio that is available for your inspection,

and have excellent references.

Team Members

·         Our team members have the education and experience needed

to employ the latest technologies. We are current and trained in all

aspects of our fields.  Even if your job is small in comparison, we are

willing to devote the necessary manpower to you.


·         We have the latest cutting-edge equipment to do your
job. Your surveying project may not be complex, but it deserves to be done
correctly with the right tools. That is where we can help. We do each
job professionally and correctly.

If you are looking for a professional surveying company that can
perform the following then we are your company:

·         Agricultural design and layout surveying

·         Mining permit surveying

·         Topographic surveying

·         GPS surveying

·         Construction surveying

·         Volumetric surveying

We also do other types of surveys as requested. Our Drone and Arial

surveying services are cutting-edge, and we are devoted to customer


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