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4 Ways Professional Photography can Boost your Company Image

In today’s digital world, it seems like people are shaking hands less often, and there is even a greater decline in face to face meeting; hence, the need for professional photography in Spokane.

Kelly Tareski Photography claims that there is a growing demand for professional portraits, either for placement on the company website, or for job seekers looking for a professional pose. These photos are also used on the company and personal social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, as businesses and their executives seek to make more meaningful connections. But why pay extra to get social photos taken by a professional when you can still use your smartphone to capture a1mazing photos?

1.       Professionals understand lighting
When browsing through Facebook, you have probably come across multiple posts containing some very dark photos – one of your friends wanted to share something but it is too dark to be clearly visible. The difference between amateurs and professionals is that the latter understand the concept of light. Well lit photos are particularly important when communicating the message of your brand.

2.       They can help your brand tell a story
It has been proven that images are more likely to engage your audience than only text material, especially if tailored to your market’s preferences. It is easier to have a professional document your business in all major milestones and events, so they can develop your story in an organized manner. Process photos can help to educate people about our business, and what separates your brand from other similar businesses. In most cases, these points of differentiation are best shown via photos.

3.       Quality photos for a competitive edge
As a professional, a hired photographer better understands and relates to your brand values and communication guidelines and, therefore, strives to showcase your business potential; though this partly depends on the instructions that you give the photographer. In addition, professionals typically shoot in RAW format – the information is not compressed and lost like in the JPEG format – which allows them to deliver quality images that match or exceed your competition, setting your business apart from the rest.

Another reason to consider professional photography in Spokane is to take advantage of the post processing and editing skills. Not all images captured are print ready – white balance may be off, perhaps an unwanted spot on a plate, or lens distortion. The post production of RAW files is lengthy but very important for producing attractive and captivating images for your business to share or display. You will not find a more well equipt or professional photographer than Kelly Tareski Photography. From professional headshots to full team photography you can count on Kelly Tareski Photography to bring a level of professionalism to your office and on-line presence. Look no further than our profesional Splkane photography fo rall your needs. 

Professional Photography Spokane

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Professional Photography Spokane

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