The Key to Great Professional Headshots

Corporate Photography - Head ShotRegardless of your line of work, an individually stylized professional headshot is a great marketing tool, because people remember faces. Gone are the days when headshots were strictly done for identification purposes. If you want your clients to associate your face with your business, then great headshots are what you need! Done the right way, great headshots will cause you to stand out from the crowd. We specialize in headshots for professionals in every field of endeavor. We shoot at the location of your choosing and we work with you to send your own unique message. Our headshot photographers like to keep our shoots relaxed and informal so that we can help you to connect with the camera. We know how to work with clients who may tend to freeze up or have an attack of nerves during the shoot. We put you at ease.

We direct you so that your look and expression create the impression and portray the image you want. We focus on your natural expression and try to capture that. After years of practice, we know how to draw out your most natural looks. We set up your poses according to what you tell us you want to convey. We work hard at making it look effortless for the real you to shine through your headshot.

Our headshot photographers can get different photos of you by using different backgrounds and utilizing light and framing in various ways. We know the shooting angles to use to make you look your best. We can give you different looks to choose from and we will work with you to give you the headshot pictures that literally show you “in the best light”. If you have specific ideas of your own, we can work with those as well. We focus on delivering professional headshot photos that connect with your target audience by drawing them in, so that you will land that gig or get those clients!