How Product Shots and Videos Can Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows

Product ShotsWhen you attend a trade show, the goal is to attract people and make them remember you. Once you get them to the booth and are able to talk to them about your business, you can sell them on what makes you unique in the marketplace. However, just getting them to the booth is often half the battle at a crowded trade show, making it prudent to use tools such as professional product shots and video services to help you stand above the competition.

If you set up a booth without photographs or videos, there’s a good chance that people will walk right by without stopping. However, when you have professional images that clearly illustrate the features and benefits of your products and your company’s overall mission, it will make it more difficult for people to ignore you. Great photography can draw a person’s eyes in and show them what you have to offer to the world.

A professional video will take things one step further. People are naturally drawn to videos, and if you work with a company that knows how to use video to your advantage, you will not only attract attention, but you will also give leads a reason to remember you. Sometimes people don’t want to be bombarded with a sales pitch, which is why it is prudent to have the videos do the talking for you. Videos at trade shows are good for illustrations on how to use your product or to showcase your product features. Remember, some trade shows go on for 2-3 days, sometimes a full week, so you need something that helps separate you from the competition but isn’t overbearing. Trade show videos can serve as your selling tool when visitors are looking for an alternative to talking to another sales person.

In addition, a video can give you a break from saying the same thing a million times, and it helps you create conversation.  Once leads are done watching the video, it’s your opportunity to see if they have questions or you can use the video’s content to strike up a conversation and build a rapport.  It could be costly renting a booth at a trade show so you want to maximize your exposure. Between the photography that you have displayed, the video that you have playing, and of course, you, standing there ready to answer any questions someone might have, your booth and trade show endeavor will have a chance to be a real success.

Before you head to your next trade show, you should consider allowing a reputable company to take  photos for you and create a video that shows off what your company is all about. J Martin Productions has the experience and knowledge it takes to create photos and video for your purpose. Call J Martin Productions at 973-771-6868 to discuss your specific trade show needs.