Why only trust professionals for Corporate Headshots?

The need for professional headshots

Headshots are necessary within the corporate workforce, especially because a large majority of our professional correspondence is done online. From social media and email to webinars and conferences, you are most likely communicating and marketing online with your partners and audience daily. You need a professional online presenceCorporate Photography Shots by J Martin Production

Why can’t I just take my own photos?

You may have the tools to take your own headshots. A smartphone with a decent built-in camera and a nice clean background should be all you need, right? Perhaps a colleague or coworker can take the photo so it does not seem like a selfie. This is certainly a good solution for your personal needs, but in the professional world, the bar for corporate headshots is generally set higher. The quality of your picture matters a great deal, especially if you want to stand out against your competitors and colleagues. They may have had their corporate headshots taken by a professional photographer or corporate video production company. Keep in mind that your photos are seen by your customers and prospects on a regular basis.

What a professional photographer brings to the table

There is a lot of time and energy that goes into taking, editing and correcting headshots. From lighting to professional editing, the process takes time. Also, it’s likely you will want to update your photos at least annually to keep your web and public presence up to date. This is especially true if your position requires you to constantly interact using social media or other such platforms to communicate with an audience. This is time and effort that could be spent on other tasks. By working with a professional, you would save yourself the time and effort required to make sure your corporate headshots are optimized for your needs.

Did you know that when you take your own photos, you usually become more self-conscious about your own appearance and expression? Your headshots may not convey a calm and composed professionalism. It is better to have someone experienced with working with different people. They can help bring out a natural and composed posture and expression that best represents you to your audience. Hire someone who can create the best ambiance, give you direction, and help capture you in the best possible light.

Professional headshot photos can be done for a very reasonable cost. Remember that your headshots will be seen by new clients and potential employers on your brochures, emails, social media accounts and websites. Your photos may be seen on a weekly or daily basis. Are you ready to save yourself the expense and time required to obtain the perfect headshot? You can start by contacting a corporate video production company or photographer today to get more information.