For our corporate and commercial photography clients, we offer photography and videography services.  We do head-shots, product shots and corporate events.  We have worked with churches, charities, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, government agencies, small businesses and established companies such as McDonald’s, PSE&G and Verizon.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is usually done on location because the business client usually wants the photos to tie in with the company branding. A corporate head-shot incorporates all of the qualities mentioned in the previous section, but in addition, we want the subject’s expression in the portrait to be in synch with the qualities that the company is known for. Having these out of whack would be disastrous!

We know how to showcase the most significant moments at a corporate event, whether it be poignant images of a keynote speaker and her enthralled audience or images of a pensive CEO, while he is not the center of attention.

We know how to handle the camera shy, the camera dominant and last minute client changes that require equipment re-positioning and retesting.  We get the job done regardless of the challenge!

We like doing candid, spontaneous shots because they tend to do reveal the natural energy and vibe of the event. However, in instances where a client provides a script for the mood or atmosphere he or she would like to create, we happily follow it and craft our poses accordingly.

Advertising Photography

As advertising photographers we are comfortable meeting with your art director, presentation or marketing teams to discuss their commercial photography or website photography ideas for how your product should be showcased in photos for product launchings, trade shows, conventions, conferences, grand openings and employee appreciation events to name a few. Our commercial photographers know how to work with the lighting conditions on-site and at these events to ensure that your images are clear and vivid.

Our commercial photographers use our photographic skills to make our clients and their products look their absolute best!

Our Corporate and Commercial Photography Services Include:

  • Annual corporate meetings
  • Marketing events
  • Dinners
  • Trade shows
  • Product shots
  • Advertising

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