Cyber Security Advisor

Cybercrime takes on many different forms and can cause several catastrophes for your business. An example is getting valuable customer data, future production plans, or private staff data. Other times, criminals want to use your platform to spread malicious videos and texts to your partners and staff. Any business owner understands the risk of online crimes on their digital platform. It is essential to manage cybersecurity by implanting the latest systems to offer a safe operation while protecting your interests.

Signs you need a cybersecurity specialist.

Evidence in the numbers

Research reveals that cybercrime evolves to higher complexities with the invention of more sophisticated technology. Small and average organizations suffer from at least one digital attack in one year. The cost of reviving a mid-sized business after cyber attacks is close to $1 million. 60% of businesses that suffer these attacks shut down after six months because they cannot cover the total cost of damage. Our cybersecurity advisor encourages businesses not to seek any further sign that they need better defense than simple observation.

Outdated applications

95% of all cyberattacks stem from human error, allowing criminals to access your system and intentionally cause more harm. Most businesses forget they need to update their applications and systems after the first installment, which exposes them to significant vulnerabilities over the years.

Joseph Steinberg is a cybersecurity advisor with some of the best worldwide renowned accolades. He speaks to businesses and organizations about cybersecurity to reinforce the vitality of enforcing better tactics and updating their applications. Investing in one of his courses will help you identify loopholes that leave your business wide open to criminals. The information will help you become more aware of our IT system and what you can discuss with your cybers ecurity advisor to ensure peak security levels.

A fast-growing business

Another apparent reason to hire an AI advisor so you have a fast-growing business. A solo entrepreneur will most likely hire an external IT team to focus on the actual business. Hackers know the latest businesses in their target jurisdictions and constantly watch out for vulnerabilities to steal money and information. It is time to hire a security consultant and rest easy knowing your growing business or customers will never lose money to hackers.

Insufficient in-house staff

Large organizations have the luxury of hiring a dedicated IT specialist. Small and medium businesses cannot afford commonly high salaries; hence they rely on a cybersecurity advisor to chart the best defense system. Joseph can expand your technology and network abilities by helping you understand and implement critical tools like cloud security, malware analytics, and digital forensics.

Cybersecurity is not the average day job to hire an in-house professional with basic to mid-level IT skills. Hire a skilled cyber security advisor who understands the workings of a negative mindset and will offer you top-tier advice with a solid understanding of your business. Contact Joseph Steinberg for help with your cybersecurity problems.