Corporate Headshots Woodbridge Nj

Taking a corporate headshot is never that easy. Most people take into consideration lots of important details when preparing or taking a headshot. Whether you are having a professional take the shot or if we are doing it for you, we will provide you with essential tips that will help you make better corporate headshots in Woodbridge NJ.

No Selfies at All

One mistake most people make over and over when taking corporate headshots is taking a picture of them at arm’s length. A selfie will inform the public that you either do not have friends, you don’t know any better, or you don’t care. It will make you lose whatever you were looking for. The best option you have when taking a corporate headshot is to get a tripod or a friend to capture the headshot.

Solid Colors

One question I used to receive from most people is what they should wear when taking a corporate headshot. For corporate headshots in Woodbridge NJ, what matters is what is above your waist. It is crucial that you avoid busy prints and patterns for your shirts or any jacket you will be wearing. Complex patterns will draw the photographers’ attention from your face. The primary goal of a headshot should be to help get the viewer look directly into your eyes to kick-start your process of winning his or her trust.

Use Diffused Light To Help in Diffusing the Tension

Yes, this one seems a bit scary! Diffused light refers to a light that creates a soft shadow. Have you ever imagined the quality of light that you can get on a cloudy day? You can hardly see your shadow, and in case you do, it creates a soft shadow.

Try imagining the quality of light that you will get on a cloudy day? You can hardly see your shadow, and when you do, it will have a fuzzy and soft edge. The hard light will make your face appear overly angular and will bring the worst textures out in your skin.

Does this mean you have to wait for a cloudy day before you take a headshot? No, you can try creating soft light by filtering the light using a diffusion material. You can use sheer curtains, a white bed sheet or a thin fabric as your diffusion material.

Look Down on Yourself

High angles will make you look better! They help focus the attention of the viewers on your eyes as you slim the shoulders and neck. One does not have to go crazy breaking out sky lifts or ladders, but when you have our photographer take one step up the footstool, you will be in a position to make all the difference when capturing that perfect headshot.

Make Angles Your Friend

We ensure that all our headshots have depth in the background and it should give a sense of dimension and place. In case you are going to use our wall as your background when shooting, always put it in on the shoulder against the wall and turn your back at an angle away from the wall. Try keeping the background simple and try using clear white and black backdrops.

Corporate Headshots Woodbridge Nj

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Corporate Headshots Woodbridge Nj

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