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Your current headshot might be a selfie or an old photo. Either way, in case you do not love the current headshot, then we are not helping you make the best impression for the business. Do you have any idea on how you can improve the image?

You must first acknowledge that you need to get new corporate headshots in NJ. After that, you have to find some time with a photographer, not just any photographer; you need someone with experience in taking portraits. For example, photographers who take landscape or sporting shots may not have enough knowledge on how best to photograph someone’s face.

The Next Question Is What Should I Wear?

An excellent corporate headshot photographer will never allow you to come for a session unprepared. It does not matter what profession you are in; the new headshot should be precisely what you have waited for. Here are tips that will help you in choosing the right looks.

Always Think Of What You Want Image to Say Of You

Are you interested in letting people know you are a potent force when you are in a business suit? Or fun loving soul with pinstriped slacks and vest or an approachable nurturer in fitted jeans?

For instance, I prefer doing a web search for individuals who are like me that I do admire. They can be friends, celebrities or mentors. Always go for sources that would speak well about an individual.

Keep it Simple and Stay true to your style

In case you always panic while in a suit, then do not wear a suit for the headshot photo session. Never wear silk if you sweat easily. Instead, go for that knit dress that you always look great in. In case everything in the closest has rabbits printed all over, it is time to consider reducing the amount of power of the rabbits.

It’s Not the Time to Justify the Jewelry

Accessories such as flamboyant necklaces, big earrings or giant hair bows can easily distract one from the face. Ensure that you keep the jeweler subtle and complimentary instead of dominating photo space with them.

Consider the Color

A great mixture of statement color or a combination of colors can be excellent in a headshot. Jewel tones and solid colors are preferred- purples, reds, blues, greens, and grey look great on anyone.

Always stay away for all black or all white. Both white and black can easily clash with the features and the photos proper lightning.
It is also advisable that you try staying away from the neon or overly bright colors. Never put on bold or busy patterns.
Do not put on clothing with big text, logos or graphic prints.


It means a chance to carry more than one choice of wardrobe. It is a quick means that will enable you to switch your appearance without having to carry bulky clothing. For example, you can decide to mix up a blazer, flirty blouse and a scarf. All these can easily give you three fast changes each having a different mood.

Play dress up

It means spending more time on the mirror trying to play with different wardrobe choices. Go for the few options that you feel you are comfortable in and fit well with you and is in line with your type of work.

Corporate Headshots Nj

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Corporate Headshots Nj

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